Investment Options

Acquisitions & Conversions
Resale Opportunities


  • Single Store
  • Multiple Store Plan
  • Acquisitions of Stores with Existing Cash Flow
  • Store n Store” (SNS)
  • Area Development
  • Master Franchise License
Single Store

The single store plan allows you to start modestly, learn the business, and then decide if you would like to expand to additional units. As a practical matter, there is not a significant physical limit to the volume you can do in a single location, so it may not be necessary to do more than one store to achieve your financial goals.

Multiple Store Plan

For those who would like to expand their business and open additional stores, there is a multi-unit development plan available that would allow you to acquire the rights to 3-5 stores and receive discounted franchise fees on stores after your first location. This also would allow you to create economies of scale in your store operations and potentially achieve more market presence and penetration in your area.

Existing Store Acquisitions

FFC has an aggressive plan to acquire existing independent locations, convert and upgrade them to the FFC system, and then sell these locations under the FFC brand to prospective franchisees who would prefer to be in an operating business with existing cash flow rather than to be in a start-up location. If this type of opportunity is a better fit for you in terms of your risk tolerance and resources, we would be happy to discuss the available options with you.

“Store n Store” (SNS)

The Company has developed a Store in Store program (SNS) in response to requests from business owners who have companion or complementary businesses with high traffic and want to offer our menu of services on a co-branded basis. This includes gas station/convenience stores, tax preparation services, upscale laundromats, etc. This program would also be available to prospective franchisees who want to open an FFC in one of these SNS locations for a substantially lower build-out and equipment cost and still be able to build the business effectively because of the existing traffic.

Area Development

Area development gives the prospective franchisee with more significant resources and management skills the opportunity to act as a sub-franchisor of FFC in his particular market area. This means that the area developer would acquire the development rights to an exclusive territory (e.g. Southwestern States) and then assist the franchisor in developing that territory through franchise sales to new candidates. The area developer would also provide operational support to the franchisees in that territory. For this development and operational assistance, he would receive a percentage of the franchise fees and royalties that are paid to the franchisor on an ongoing basis by franchisees in that territory. The area developer would also have the right to open his own stores in the territory.

Master Franchise License

A master franchise license is usually employed for international development where the candidate is acquiring the franchise system and rights to market that brand in their country (e.g. Canada, or Mexico). This option would require substantial resources and the ability to take the existing system that the franchisor provides and, with the franchisor?s help, adapt that system to a new environments,(culture, language, laws, etc.). This opportunity is available on a select case-by-case basis.