Franchisee Testimonials

Our experience with Family Financial Centers has been superb. Ken and Carrie have been very helpful and are a phone call away if we ever have questions. During our installation and on-site training, they were always thinking one step ahead and helped us transition into their system smoothly. FFC and their staff are professional, easy to work with, and have gone above and beyond to help grow my business. I can’t thank you guys enough for everything!


Roshan Patel

Northport, AL


My experience with Family Financial Centers as a franchisee has been very rewarding. The staff walked me through all the details and made it look easy.

All the staff, Bruce, Ken, Frank and Carrie are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Despite the enormous amount of details and materials on the due diligence list, everything was done promptly and efficiently.

At the end, prior to opening the store, they came and took charge to assure that everything was working properly.

They continue to be very helpful and help me monitor and run the business.

I highly recommend becoming part of the family of Family Financial Centers.


Nelson Spinetti

Hidalgo, TX



To the staff at Family Financial Centers,


I am beyond excited to have the store finally opened under the FFC family name. I want to let you know of the great work accomplished by Ken, Frank and Brad. They were professional, pleasing and very determined to get the job done. They were by our side every step of the way during the opening and have been supportive on a daily basis since our opening. I forgot to mention Carrie in all of this. She is the consummate professional and provides us with all the necessary information requested, especially Compliance and Marketing materials in a timely manner.


A great thank you to you and the team at Family Financial Centers.


Tony D’Antico

Philippe Marcotte

Tampa, FL



I can’t say enough about the help from Paul and his team at Family Financial Centers. Purchasing a business can be a daunting experience. I chose to join the FFC family because they offered the most support throughout the entire process, from signing the agreement, to site selection, training, opening the store and beyond. I was presented with some unique circumstances while opening my store and the team at Family Financial Centers was right there alongside me the entire time in order to offer support and see me through. They even went as far as working in the store themselves! I could not have done it without the team and their help. I look forward to a successful future with Family Financial Centers by my side.


Mark Feller

Whitehall, PA



One of the main reasons that I purchased a Franchise is for the proven systems and processes that the Franchisor has developed over time.  When I attended the week of training at the corporate office in Philadelphia that was proven to me as I was extremely impressed with how structured the training was and how knowledgeable each presenter was with the materials.   They covered everything that is needed to fully operate a store.  The training was all “hands on” with each of us having our own computer to work on as if we were physically at a store operating which gave me valuable knowledge and information.  It was not just book learning.  The five days was laid out precisely and well thought out.


Once that training was over then another 5 days of training occurred on site when the store was physically opened.  I could not have been more impressed with how organized and helpful they were from beginning to end.  At the end of the five days the store was totally transformed into a “Family Financial Center” and all employees were trained.  The best thing is that even after those five days of on-site training and the store opening the corporate office is always there for support when needed. This franchise definitely has the expertise not only in the personnel but in the materials needed to help make a franchisee very successful.  I would recommend this franchise to anyone as it is truly a company that understands why a person buys a franchise versus starting a business on their own.


Brad Glance

Area Developer



I have nothing but great appreciation for the team at Family Financial Centers. From an informative and well-organized week in Doylestown for FFC training to the on-site opening in Ft., Myers, the team was nothing but professional and knowledgeable.  Everyone did and has done a great job in preparing me and my new staff for launch in just one short week.  After opening, they continue to assist and monitor the store, me, and the staff. This is just the beginning and I look forward to much success and a mutually beneficial long term relationship.  Thank you to the team at Family Financial Centers.


David Brendsel

Ft. Myers, FL


My wife and I were looking for a franchise business that would allow us to assist and work with people who needed and appreciated good quality service. After 28 years in Corporate America, it was time for a change. We wanted to run our own business and relocate at the same time (Michigan to Florida).  We spoke with Bruce about the opportunity of purchasing an existing location and expanding the services currently offered.  The Family Financial Centers team was very professional and helpful in assisting us to reach a final decision.  It was a pleasure to work with this wonderful, energetic team of professionals.  Bruce was knowledgeable about the business and assisted in negotiating the purchase of our store, while preparing us for the new challenges ahead.

Next came our trip the corporate headquarters for training and we met the entire corporate team that would support us in our new business.  Ken, Frank, and Carrie were great to work with and available whenever we needed help. Ken and Frank traveled to our store in Naples for the first week of our opening and provided additional training.  The banking and vendor support was outstanding during the process of learning our new business and providing GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Marisa and I can definitely say we made the right choice with Paul and his team at Family Financial Centers!


Rick Edwards
Naples, FL


I’m a new franchisee with Family Financial Centers. It took quite a lot of time and effort for me to “pull the trigger” and join FFC. I have had a 20+ year Wall Street Career and it was a huge step for me to go out on my own. Bruce and Paul were terrific with providing me all the information that I needed and were in fact very courteous as I droned on endlessly with questions. I very much appreciated their soft sell approach as I never once felt pressured to join. They wanted me to be comfortable and in the same regard I’m sure they wanted to be comfortable with me.  Once the decision to move forward was agreed upon the rest of the team moved in and it went very smoothly. Ken, Carrie and Frank each perform different tasks and do it very professionally. The team is very courteous and now that I have been open for several weeks I feel I can call them anytime with any questions that arise.


“Welcome to the Family” is not only the slogan for the customers but for the franchisees as well. When you join FFC you really are part of a Family


Gregory M. Teller
Lewisville TX


We are a former Ace Cash Express franchise, converted to Family Financial Centers in July 2014.  Working with Frank, Ken and Carrie has been a joy!  Not only were we able to utilize equipment we had on hand, thus reducing conversion costs, Ken and Frank had the actual conversion done very quickly!  We received hands-on training on all aspects, from teller transactions to owner reporting.  Additionally, as we have familiarized ourselves with the day-to-day operations and had questions pop up, everyone at FFC has been very quick to respond and help us out.  We look forward to many mutually profitable years with Family Financial Centers!

Valerie Babbit
Slidell, LA


It’s been a wonderful experience to be a part of the growing check cashing industry. This was an industry I didn’t have any knowledge of when I first started looking into it, until I was introduced to Family Financial Centers. It is owned and operated by some of the best people I have ever come across. Being in the retail business myself for over 17 years and having dealt with other franchises I can say that this was the best experience I have ever had. Initially, I was contacted and met with Bruce Chamberlin and the CEO and Founder Paul Eckert, but the person I worked with the most was Ken Parsons, who is a wonderful guy to be associated with. I also worked with Frank DiMarco, very knowledgeable man who knows all the ins and outs of the operational aspect of the business. These are two people I can vouch for and say they will do you right and help you out in every possible way. They came out to my location and did everything for my opening from setting up the store to a spectacular job training my employees. They were very patient and nice to work with. Also, Carrie who handles the training, compliance, and marketing at the corporate office is a wonderful person. Overall, this has been a fantastic experience and hopefully this relationship continues to grow and I can open additional locations down the road.

Bobby Dalal
Oklahoma City, OK

We opened our doors on February 4th of this year. I closed on my acquisition the first of February and Family Financial started the construction that evening. Over the next 2 and half days we rebuilt the store, changed the imagine, set up all the systems and received our Brinks delivery.

The team continued the process of finding glitches and fixing them while training the staff and improving their skills in processing new business. While it was sad and scary when they left on Friday they have stayed in constant contact with me and staff to answer questions, problem solve, continue the training and most importantly be supportive.

It is great to have Family Financial as partner in my business……..THANKS!

Roy Bubbs
Hartford, CT

My name is Renetta Leverett and I recently made the decision to transition to Family Financial Centers after being with ACE Cash Express for approximately eighteen years (since 12/1996). The support I received from Family Financial Centers during my transition period was truly outstanding. Someone was always available to provide assistance when needed. I received excellent customer service assistance in filling out forms and in getting all of my questions answered. I want to specially acknowledge Ken and Frank for going beyond my expectations in helping make my transition to Family Financial Centers a very smooth one. This has been a wonderful experience and I’m more than glad that I made the decision to become part of Family Financial Centers.

Renetta Leverett
Hammond, LA

On June 28, 2013, I opened my first Family Financial Center (FFC) business in Woodlawn, Ohio. However, the process started several months before. As an attorney, I did research to discover what type of business I should invest in and who would be the best resource to help me with my endeavors. The answers to those two questions are, Money Service Business and FFC, respectively.
I chose the Money Service Business industry because of the vast number of people who require this service. Whether it is a niece, nephew, sibling or friend, everyone has personal knowledge of people who do not use traditional banks. I chose FFC because its’ presentation is the antithesis of what one would imagine this type industry to look like. FFC is distinguished from the rest of the businesses that provide the same service because FFC is not only selling a service, but an image and a promise. That image is that we are here to serve you in a respectful and professional manner.

Professionalism not only extends to customers, but prospective franchisees/franchisees as well. I first talked with Bruce Chamberlin. Bruce is very knowledgeable about demographics, costs, funding and other aspects of the business. We spent several months analyzing options. Next, I spoke with Ken Parsons, who specializes in licenses, establishing a banking relationship, equipment and build out. Mitch was my trainer at FFC headquarters and the one week course was very productive. Carrie Nelson is the go to for just about anything you need to know in Compliance, Marketing, or whatever else you throw her way. Paul Eckert, the President of FFC, is very driven and knows what it takes to succeed in business while being extremely personable. Paul and his wife Linda, who handles the accounting, complement each other quite well. Frank DiMarco is great with installation, execution and ongoing operational support of the business while being an excellent handyman!

My only regret is that I felt so comfortable with the knowledge FFC employees have, I did not continue my own research in regard to service providers. In short, FFC is a well-oiled machine; very organized and professional. FFC is the right choice for anyone wanting to start a money service business.

Glenda A Smith, JD
Woodlawn, OH

My experience with the Family Financial Centers staff was extremely positive. This included the business development staff, the team associated with site start up and personnel associated with ongoing operations. The experience and support from the Family Financial Centers staff was exceptional compared to other franchises. Super helpful in setting up the paperwork to be in the money services business and great support in launching the retail location successfully.

Charles R. Caso
Whitehall, PA

Having researched business ventures that allowed me to open a new venture in addition to my existing career, I found Family Financial Centers to be a perfect fit. The Franchise concept and support is vital to success and this type of business allows me to start the new venture while still running my current business activities. The management team at Family Financial was and is excellent. They work with you from initial discussions about the franchise, through site selection, training, opening and operations. In my case, this was neither easy nor quick, but they supported me throughout the process providing advice and guidance. Given what is needed to set up the applications, vendors and set operations in place, I cannot understand why anyone would try to do this without a franchise such as Family Financial Centers. The store we acquired and opened is doing well and was an excellent match to the business goals I had set. Now, with the help of the team at FFC, I look forward to a very successful business serving customers in the Atlanta area.

Curtis Fields
Atlanta, GA

On the conversion from ACE Cash Express to Family Financial Centers:

When we were contacted by ACE Cash Express stating that they were no longer going to be in the franchise business, we were told that they were recommending Family Financial Centers as they had agreed to an exclusive referral agreement with them. From the very beginning, our dealings with Family Financial Centers clearly indicated as to why ACE Corporate entered into an agreement with them. They are truly focused on Franchisees, as they are not distracted by company owned units. The systems, support, marketing, additional products and enhanced revenue streams are beyond what we could have hoped for. The system they have developed is designed to help us as entrepreneurs monitor and control our business. On top of that, they are terrific people to work with. The conversion from ACE to Family Financial Centers was short, helpful, and most importantly effective. The Operations team was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and extremely patient. The team was wonderful to work with and we are so happy we made the conversion to Family Financial Centers. We are now proud owners of our own store and look forward to the future.

Nabil and Michael Gedeon: ACE to Family Financial Centers Conversion

Entrepreneurship is in my blood. My grandfather owned a convenience store in which I have fond memories of working there from the time I was five years old. From that experience, I always wanted to be my own boss. I like that the fact that he had control of his own schedule. However, my very practical mother steered me to accounting saying how being a CPA was a solid career path.
I’ve dabbled in starting my own businesses during my 19 years in Corporate America, but two years ago I decided enough was enough. I needed to be the boss of me. I hate asking permission to take a vacation. I even hate wearing a badge. I had to come up with an exit strategy.
My requirements for my new business were:

– I didn’t want to buy a job. I needed to be a remote manager for a while. The practical side of me knew that I had to keep my corporate job until the business became profitable.
– I didn’t want anything in food preparation. Ugh!
– I love financial services.
– The start-up cost had to be reasonable.

I found all of my requirements and a very friendly and welcoming family at FFC. The FFC Team has been with me from the very beginning of this process holding my hand through site selection, licensing acquisition, bank approval (ugh!) and opening. They have patiently listened to me moan and complain on the phone as I wanted to breakeven the second week. I am working on my fourth month of opening, February 2013, and I can honestly say that I made the right decision in selecting the FFC Team and even more importantly their business model.

Germaine Gross, CPA
Terrytown, LA

During the economy downturn many corporate managers experienced the effect of corporate consolidation and downsizing. I was one of those managers that after 30 years in corporate America I found myself unemployed. With a grim job market the future looked unpromising. After weighing my choices and options, I decided to purchase a check cashing franchise. Immediately, I began to research the available franchises in the industry, thoroughly reviewing the pros and cons of each franchisor. I have to say that FFC impressed me the most. From the start, their professional presentation and assistance was impressive. They took their time to address all my concerns, from acquiring my license to finding financial sources to finance my investment. FFC was there each step of the way with advice, options, and finally through my grand opening.
Rafael Diaz
South River, NJ

Update: Paul, I’m taking a pause from my busy daily activity to express my appreciation for all the help that Ken Parsons provided me throughout the bank account transition from Spring Bank to Wells Fargo. As you may know, a change in bank is very stressful and it requires excellent coordination between the franchisee and the new bank. Thanks to Ken this transiton could not have gone smoother. Ken coordinated the entire project from aligning all the vendors changes to talking to both banks representative. This is the kind of relationship between franchisor and franchisee that I envisioned when I decided to join Family Financial Centers.
Again, my sincere thanks to Ken for his invaluable assistance in this transition.
Rafael Diaz

After 25 years in the corporate world I decided I no longer wanted to work for someone else. I researched many business’s, both franchises and independents , and decided on FFC. From day 1 I knew I would be working with professionals who had a passion about their business and the sucess of their franchisees. From site location to buildout to openning they were with me everystep of the way. Most importantly the support has not stopped since I opened. They are always there when needed and continue to help me grow my business by adding additional services. After 18 months I am glad I choose FFC and look forward to adding a second location.
Bob Abatecola
Stamford, CT

My family and I have been in the Convenience store business for the past 8-10 years. The timing was right to investigate another type of franchise. I had an alternative banking business in mind but didn’t want to enter that field without having the expertise and support from someone. Search Light, a company who finds the best franchise for their customers, introduced us to FFC in December 2011. While attending FFC’s Discovery Day, we were convinced that our search was over. We knew FFC was the RIGHT company to help us. We are impressed with FFC’s high standards regarding products, support, hospitality, and business expertise. However, their staff’s availability is the most important thing to us. FFC has fantastic relationships with vendors, state offices, IT, and banks that serve this industry. Everyone helped us from start to finish. We like the relationship FFC maintains with their franchises. It took us only 6 months to open a business within our budget!
Biren Patel
Bridgeton, NJ

FFC has not only been totally supportive prior to establishing my business, but they continue to respond quickly and professionally since I opened my business 5 months ago. They address any concerns or assistance I may need no matter what time of the day or night and resolve it. Other franchise companies should take a lesson from the way FFC handles their franchisees’ needs and customer service.
Jerry Fragetti
Philadelphia, PA

As a new franchisee of Family Financial (we have about 18 months under our belt), we have come to appreciate the franchise and the opportunities its ample support has given us. While we have been a part of another franchise, the experience we have with FFC is completely and positively different. We relied on FFC to help us purchase our stores, convert and make them operational, complete all the paperwork (which as all you know never ends), and answer many of our day-to-day operational questions. We started with one store and as of today, we have acquired five stores. All these purchases have been made possible and smooth by the knowledgeable, competent and hardworking Family Financial Centers’ staff.
Paul Shinder
Brooklyn, NY

FFC has provided me with a top-notch team to see that my center is successful. From the very beginning, even before we had a location selected, to the build-out of the store, to the daily operation, they have been there and served as true partners. It’s amazing to learn what you don’t know about the business you get into. The team from FFC really knows the business inside and out and they are always there ready to impart the knowledge. Family financial centers management team have been great. A response from them, if not immediate, is always prompt. They value the people they work with and for and make the experience of being a small business owner a rewarding one.
Lou Maranglo
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Some time back I decided that I was just no longer interested in working for someone else, so I began looking for a business that I could own. I looked at a number of franchise opportunities, many of which looked like a good fit for me, and in fact may have worked out just fine for me if I had decided to go in a different direction. But I chose Family Financial Centers and I am glad I did.
At the invitation of the company, I attended a Discovery Day, and it was this Discovery Day visit that really got me excited about the Family Financial Centers opportunity. Meeting with the President of the Company, Paul Eckert, on that same day was the turning point for me. When I met Paul I saw a man who believes in himself and in the company that he is running, a combination that is bound to be successful. Additionally Paul had surrounded himself with an outstanding support staff. I received invaluable guidance and support through all phases of getting the business up and running.
Family Financial Centers has the people and the business plan that I believe will guide me to a successful and profitable operation.
I first met Mr. Eckert about 5 years ago and I started my branch of Family Financial Centers a little over 4 years ago. During this time Mr. Eckert has shown himself to be a true professional and a very real friend. Any time I have had problems in my operation he has always been there to help. Any time I have had questions he has answered my questions or has found the answers for me. Any time I have wonder which way to go on a given issue, he has been there with his recommendation. This is really all I or anyone can ask for.
Paul Eckert wants my branch operation within this company to succeed and to be profitable just as much as I do. In all my 40 plus years in the financial services industry I have had a very great many very good people to work with, but none better than Paul.
Arnie Boyster
North Haven, Connecticut

After I sold my business I looked around for new opportunities. A local check cashing business was for sale near one of my other businesses. I looked into purchasing that store, but after visiting the franchise headquarters in Philadelphia I did not feel I could fit into that organization. At that time I contacted Family Financial Centers and went down for a visit. I was sold that day. The fit was perfect, they are very professional, well organized and had a vision and plan that I felt that I could fit into.
A couple of months later I opened up my first FFC store followed closely by my second store. The support has been fantastic from top to bottom. Now two years later I am very happy with my decision to join the FFC family and plan to open up a third store in the near future.
Bill Notarianni
Scranton, Pennsylvania

My brother Steven and I have been self-employed for over 20 years. We have owned a variety of businesses, including several national franchises. The check cashing business always held a certain fascination to us. We researched several different opportunities in the check cashing industry. After meeting with Paul Eckert, Bruce Chamberlain and their team, we came to the conclusion that the FFC family was the direction we would go. We appreciated their commitment to the franchisee, as well as, their professionalism, knowledge and willingness to receive input. At the end of the day, my brother and I feel working with people is an asset you can’t be taught. We believe we found a match with FFC. We opened our first location in January 2008. Our second location opened in August 2008. Our third location will open in September 2010. article.
David & Steve Miller
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania