Family Financial Centers in The Checklist Magazine!

Checklist magazine interviewed our Founder/ CEO Paul Eckert, President, Ken Parsons, Chief Development Officer, Jack Wilson and Compliance Officer, Jennifer Haban! Talking about what we do, how we do it, and what we are going to do! Read more below by clicking on the link!


Family Financial Centers Checklist 2018


About Family Financial Centers

Family Financial Centers is the “Quantum Leap” forward in the evolution of the alternative financial service center. Located in attractive suburban centers, Family Financial Centers have the systems, ambiance and professionalism of a traditional bank. FFC offers a full array of financial services including check cashing, money orders, wire transfer, tax preparation and services.

Family Financial Centers is committed to raising the standard for alternative financial service providers both for product offerings and the way they are delivered to the market. Our centers are conveniently located to our customer’s home or work. We are fully automated with systems that keep the average transaction time to just a few minutes. This allows our customer to have all of their financial needs taken care of conveniently and efficiently, in an environment that is upbeat, professional and friendly. Family Financial Centers is rapidly expanding through the acquisition and conversion of existing financial centers to the Family brand.

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