The Team

The Management Team

The Company has put together an experienced management team that has over fifty years of combined franchise experience in various industries and over twenty years of combined experience in the alternative financial services industry.

Paul Eckert, Founder and CEO of the company, Paul Eckert is recognized as an industry leader in the franchise industry as well as the founding member of several other business endeavors. He is well respected as an innovator by championing the use of technology, branding, and marketing long before the industry recognized the value of these systems. Mr. Eckert is a member of the International Franchise Association’s Franchise Relations Committee and has been a featured writer for several franchise and financial industry publications including Cheklist Magazine and Franchise World.

Paul Eckert is a sought after business consultant and turn-around specialist in general business disciplines. His vast experience includes the United Services Group, Midas International, Sparks Computerized Car Care, and Speedy Muffler King. Mr. Eckert has filled roles including President and COO, Regional Manager and Vice President of Operations. He specializes in growth, development, training, and creating cutting edge business models that meet the needs of advancing technology. Paul Eckert has been a senior executive in the franchise industry for over 25 years.

Paul Eckert attended the University of Pittsburgh where he completed the coursework for the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business Young Executive Program.

Bruce Chamberlin, Franchise Development, is a seasoned franchise executive with management and development experience in the alternative financial services industry, as well as experience in financing, management consulting and training. Mr. Chamberlin’s expertise is in working with franchisee candidates, helping them to make the best decision for their particular situation. Mr. Chamberlin has worked for over 20 years in the franchise industry.

Ken Parsons, President of Family Financial Centers,  is a sales professional bringing over seven years of experience in the product and service industries, with a focus on business development. He is experienced in acquisitions and the purchase and sale of real estate. Ken oversees construction, real estate, vendor and banking relationships.

Carrie Nelson, CAMS is Vice President of Operations and Regulatory Compliance. Ms. Nelson joined Family Financial Centers after relocating from New York City and enjoying a fifteen year career in the Arts. As a graduate from the University of Maryland, Ms. Nelson has worked for a variety of companies including Investor Relations, Television and Broadcasting, Real Estate, and the Health Insurance Industry. Carrie is responsible for the day to day Operations, Compliance and overall Marketing needs of Family Financial Centers and its Franchisees.  Ms. Nelson is also CAMS Certified, a globally recognized Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist.

Michael R. Shelton is Family Financial Centers Corporate Legal Counsel. Michael is a graduate of Penn State University and Roger Williams University School of Law School. Michael is responsible for reviewing all of our internal vendor contracts, lease agreements, etc. He is also instrumental in working with all departments to insure in the integrity and adherence to our franchise system. In addition, Michael handles all of the company’s legal work and any necessary litigation.


Our Advisory Council includes seasoned professionals from franchising, banking, senior corporate management, investment banking, and wholesale and retail distribution. (For more detailed resumes of the management team, see the Family Financial Centers FDD.)

This seasoned management team will benefit from its direct involvement in the industry in terms of understanding where the competitive opportunities are and how to capture them. Because of its existing relationships within the franchise and alternative financial services industries, the team is able to create strategic partnerships with vendors, real estate companies, architectural and construction companies, banks and finance companies, and franchise and business broker networks across the country. All of these factors will help FAMILY FINANCIAL CENTERS maximize the franchisees success in their respective market areas.