Initial Investment


FAMILY FINANCIAL CENTERS (FFC) FRANCHISE was developed to address the market opportunity created by the loss of neighborhood branch banks and the sub-standard response by current alternative financial service providers. FAMILY FINANCIAL CENTERS, unlike the traditional check cashing and payday loan companies, are not located in the war zones and poorer parts of town. FFC is positioned in the first and second tier suburbs where the middle-income customer has firmly established himself and is looking for a provider that can give him the ambience and professional service of a local bank, but in a manner that meets his specific needs. FFC stores are located in attractive suburban strip centers that are convenient to the customers home or work. The store presentation is a bank-like setting with the latest computer systems and transactional software that allow for quick and efficient service, and security systems that are state of the art but don’t sacrifice customer contact and owner comfort. The franchise marketing programs promote a full menu of financial products to the communities they are serving.

Because most of the industry is not aware of or committed to the fundamentals of branding, marketing, and automated systems, FFC franchisees can exploit these areas as its competitive advantage to attract and build market share with a consumer base that is eager for a quality service provider. Additionally, FFC will be very active in developing new products and services that its franchisees can then market to their existing customer base, further cementing that relationship and differentiating the FFC brand from the rest of the pack. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, franchisees have an experienced corporate management team with a support staff that can properly set up their stores and provide the training they need to launch their businesses, and work with them on an ongoing basis to successfully build those businesses.


  • Market Evaluation
  • Site Selection
  • Turnkey “Store in a Box”
  • Project Management
  • Licensing
  • Classroom and in-store Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • *Financing Assistance*

If you’re looking for a single source solution for researching, developing and opening your store, FFC is the place for you. We will lead you through the maze of starting a business from initial discussion to store opening and support you thereafter. We’re there each step of the way.


Store ‘N Store (SNS)
Initial Franchise Fee $36,500
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment $49,500
Opening Advertising $3,000+
Startup Expenses $10,000
SUB-TOTAL $97,000
Cash Inventory $50,000

TOTAL INVESTMENT $148,000- $149,000


Single Store
Franchise Fee $36,500
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment $82,500
Construction Cost (3rd party contractor) $27,500
Professional Fees , Licensing & other Start-up Expenses $5,000
Opening Advertising $3,000+
Additional Funds (3 months) $5,400 – $13,600
SUB-TOTAL $157,900 – $165,100
Cash Inventory $60,000+

TOTAL INVESTMENT $218,700 – $230,300



One of the key questions in starting a business is how you will secure the capital necessary to open and operate your business. FFC offers financing assistance as part of a turnkey package of services to launch your FFC location. Once you become a franchisee, FFC will work closely with you to review a variety of financing options and come up with a financing strategy that works best for you. This includes developing a business plan, pro-forma projections , and identifying potential lending sources. FFC has the relationships with existing enders that we can refer you to, and we can also help facilitate the financing process with those lenders to get the capital you need as quickly and easily as possible. FFC also offers internal financing for a portion of the furniture, fixtures and equipment on new stores for credit – worth candidates. This can help you preserve more of your initial cash when opening a store and give you more capital to grow with. Contact the corporate office for more details.